Do I need to buy a full pallet of tires?

You don't need to buy a full pallet, but if you plan to drive a full season of events buying by the pallet load will be your best price option in the long
What tires are best for beginners?
We recommend starting with a high treadwear rated tire (Acrova). Also keep in mind that tire pressure will have a major affect on how the tire will perform as well. We suggest starting with a higher pressure (40-45psi) when starting out, that also depends on how much horsepower your drift car has as well. Feel free to send us a message and we'll be glad to assist you.

Will you sponsor me?
We currently offer a Racer Support Program (RSP)  to select drivers or teams that qualify. The RSP Sponsorship will allow the driver to obtain a fixed number of tires for their season at a heavily discounted price. This also requires RSP drivers to place select Zestino Tires Canada graphics on-car for the duration of the season; must run all four tires with Zestino Tires; and be able to demonstrate success and a winning history for themselves. Be aware that a RSP is a business agreement between a driver and Zestino Tires Canada. In this agreement, the driver or series partner will receive RSP support in exchange for deliverables of media content, on-car branding, social media content generation.